Poems about Politics

If u don't know your history u precisely don't know where u are going to.
Sometimes shit goes wrong.    It happens. The world can pull some crap on you, the street
Ah, 2016 Thinking about it makes me want to scream. Something about it is so terrible
2016, the year of peace and chaos, had an election full of hate and bias.
A Graduate of High School Yet, last days of college. It's my pleasure to present the Class of 2016!
The year of ups and downs Not clear of mistakes and fake But filled with frowns and clowns.
I used to be that kind of person, who got 15-30 minutes late to school. But now I have changed that because attendance  can get me into a
I'm watching the two candidates on my television. I am already having the vision. Of our country becoming divided.