Poems about Politics

So glorious a year 2016 turned out to be Despite some terrible losses including David Bowie
A year can change you. Remember but forget the past. Make way for new experience.  
It all started with a blur
I scream not only because I am angry not only because  I am afraid I scream
Setting around a world aflame. The panic is plain. Pain and Scars. Thoughts gone, slipping below radars.
She woke up in a still world. Something felt off and cold. She turned on the news.
Jeremiah 1:5 
I decided to attend an all women's college No, I am not gay No, I am not aggressive
I was and am and will be me No matter what I do or seeBut some things can touch my heart Or make me want to fall apart 2016 has been a ye
The year passes by, just like any other Though we may have our regrets There is much that can be learned