Him or Her

I'm watching the two candidates on my television.

I am already having the vision.

Of our country becoming divided.

I wonder who my friends sided with.

Will it be him or her?

I surely don't know.

Fastfoward two months.

It went by so fast.

Anxiously biting my fingers.

Waiting to see who will become our next president.

Will it be him or her?

I surely don't know.

The results are in. I hear the silence on the streets.

He is our new president.

People flooding the streets.

They are protesting.

Screaming and yelling " He's not my president!"

I'm lost for words.

Our nation divided.

I already sided.

Protesting for our rights and for what I think is wrong.

Will it be him or her?

We sure already know.


This poem is about: 
My community
My country


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