Poems about Immigration

Immigrants THIS And Immigrants THAT ... !!! All This Government Talk's Helping Hatred SOAR ... !!!!!
The sign out side reads Occupancy: Zero It kind of remindes me of my home Love: Zero Acceptance: Zero
  Moving from Japan to Hawai’i by boat  A long journey, a new beginning
Whey Buttah, Whey Cheese!
Purpose of life By: Alondra Martinez-V   The Instructor said,
Limitless, freedom, happiness, peace These are the things we cry for Screaming from the top of our lungs
To Become English Citizens It's Been ... " Alleged " ... Some Women Are Willing To ... S P R E A D Their Legs ... !!!
It was around the holidays and I was flipping through the channels, until I spotted a familiar face.
Human   Young. Old. Of how much life bestows. Learn from the best. Or the worst.