Poems about Immigration

Romantic blood and majestic past; Flatter the abused, give them scraps, Or they’ll ask for respect.
Ya Know These Days... " What I'm Seeing "... Is... WAY Beyond Believing...... ?!?
Okay I Know This Seems... OBVIOUS To Say... But You CAN'T Like EVERYTHING At The End of The Day... !!!
  Seeking completeness I've come so far. Although, it has robbed myself out of me.
​Traces of flickering light glimpsing over lightless faces lost in the lands they shall call home.
آرزوۓعاشقاں و جستجوۓ باوفا سرخ روۓ دو جہاں اور رنگ و بوۓ مرتضی سیرت و کردار میں اور نکہت گفتار میں
You're in love that I've heard? Oh, does he know that you have scars, That highlight the truth, imprisoned in bars?
Waterman, Dutch liner on which you made your passage- Father, smiling from the gangplank
Sometimes it hurts to know the truth. It hurts to know that this is reality and you can't change anything.
Why so scared little girl? Is it the tinfoil wrapped around your bones? My footsteps