What is this, who is this, what is this? 

There are words that we don't repeat twiceEspecially when we omit the little cedillaPlease, my country is an island, a peninsulaA very pretty country swimming in many seasIt is a sovereign, resilient, proud and free countryDespite the sufferings and the bitter genepisMy country is not a pond in the seaIt is an oasis where fish of all colorsDive then rise to hover in the airI thought democracy was synonymous with happinessFreedom, the will to express ourselves as we wantAccording to our ways, and according to our wishesI thought democracy was synonymous with truthTo be able to speak out without hesitation. Now, I am upsetAnd disappointed, I can hardly speak or brag about the AmericanDemocracy, which is in ruins and wearing an old outfitThis is a legacy almost lost due to the selfishness of someCorrupt and greedy politicians and vicious moronsOh! So many young soldiers gave up at will their lives for democracySo many cities and countries have been bombed because of democracySo many mothers and fathers have cried vociferously for democracySo many activists have been beaten and lynched for democracySo many poor orphans have suffered because of democracySo many honest politicians have been vilified for democracyI could go on without stopping until eternity, until infinityWe must denounce injustices, brutalities and all hypocrisiesThat obviously corrode and poison our democratic societyI never knew there were so many fakes in blue, white and redThese foxes or hyenas are disguised in patriotic uniformsWhat a mountebank! They are dressed up as snakes and moveLike chimerical animals. Democracy is about doing the right thingDemocracy is not about lying, stealing, cheating, and bribingI am uncomfortable since democracy is the antonym of autocracyAnd dictatorship. These pseudo-democrats are slobbered with crabsThe fascists and the supremacists want to take power manu militariBy force. The unpatriots want to steal all the electionsThe fascists want to suppress the votes of the sovereign peopleThe antidemocrats want to silence the voice of the American peopleThe fascists want to eliminate the votes of a once united peopleDemocracy is in danger. There are things that need to be fixedCongress must grease the democratic machines and amend the laws. Copyright © December 2020, Hébert Logerie, All rights reservedHébert Logerie is the author of several collections of poems.

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