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He looks into the mirror And sees a dying man. He looks upon a man of shame, Of torture and disdain. He sees a man that knew no joy Until Aladdin came. Every night he dreams of life
  Once Upon a Time: Aladdin Once upon a time in the lands of sand There was a gent’ named Aladdin Whose life wasn’t a fairyland   He had to steal everything just to get by
Once upon a time in the city of Agrabah,  There was a street rat name Aladdin And a mischievous brown monkey in red attire Named Abu on his shoulder  Aladdin was strolling through the city,
(To the tune of this chorus in Prince Ali repeated:
Once upon a time in a kingdom far, far away There lived a royal family as kind and loving as can be But a snake resided within this household called Jafar
You all know it: The man who indulged in Everything he could get his yellowing nails on. From bread to cheese To Meat to women.
The land was ruled by a sultan, Who named his young daughter, For the light that the full moon spilt on the ground;   The lamp was found by found by the princess; Hidden deep within the desert sand,
The "Magic" Carpet,  No more soaring or tumbling, Battery is drained.
There once was a street rat named Aladdin, Who was crushing on Princess Jasmine, With her pet Raja, And his big tiger paws, He hoped for true love and a companion.   Aladdin met the illustrious genie,
Prince Ali Mighty is he Living in deception Strong? No, weak Mighty not he
Once upon a time, the beginning 'O' was never embroidered with gold, life was void of materialistic tangents; our modern albatrosses   But sufficied with compassion,
Once upon a time, In a city tucked away, No one could hear a chime, Only silence made it's way,   There lived a young man, By the name of Aladdin,
They say dead men tell no tales But your story is timeless. Just a man, a concept, An alien being Who made galaxies shiver, Heads turn, Finally returned to stardust.
Once upon a time there lived a young princess She lived in Los Angeles, California But her roots traced back to the Middle East Unfamiliar with much of her culture, she remained stuck in her city castle 
The Walmart nametag pinned to an ill-fitting vest read “Phoenix,” but he had no wings, just long skinny limbs that were good for reaching merchandise on high shelves.
In this fairytale, Aladdin has nipples.   We begin in the streets, with Aladdin as a young boy. He plays with his friends, who saw no reason to exclude him, as he too had nipples.
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