A Whole New World

Once upon a time there lived a young princess

She lived in Los Angeles, California

But her roots traced back to the Middle East

Unfamiliar with much of her culture, she remained stuck in her city castle 

Distracted by her iphone and In-n-out's animal fries

One summer, having been bored of doing nothing but refreshing her snapchat all day

She decided to take a trip to Egypt

She found herself in a whole new world, guided not by a magic carpet but by her own curiosity

Of course, the fear of leaving her castle made her hesitate at first, for that's all she knew

But experiencing arabian nights and arabian days

Tea rich with flavor every morning

Bazaars glistening with trinkets and treasures

Chasing the pyramids on the backs of camels

Being surrounded by Egyptian Aladdins

This princess felt right at home

And when she finally returned home to her fortress in the city of angels

She brought stories and knowledge back with her

It turns out leaving her castle was the best thing that ever happened to her

Changing the world around her allowed her to center herself

And eager to experience so much more in the future.




This poem is about: 
Our world


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