What If Jasmine Ended Up With Jafar?

Once upon a time in the city of Agrabah,

 There was a street rat name Aladdin

And a mischievous brown monkey in red attire

Named Abu on his shoulder

 Aladdin was strolling through the city,

With vendors all around him

 Suddenly, he caught sight of the beautiful,

 But unattainable Princess Jasmine,

But what appealed to Aladdin more than her beauty, was her money

In the distance, there stood a powerful sorcerer named Jafar

Who caught Aladdin staring at Princess Jasmine

 Immediately, Jafar suspected the worse;

 For he has always loved the princess

 Jafar then began forming a plan

 To send Aladdin on a wild goose chase to find the Legendary Lamp

But what Jafar didn’t know,

 Was that Aladdin would succeed

 By the next day,

Jafar was aware of Aladdin obtaining the lamp

Because he heard news of Prince Ali coming to Agrabah

To court the princess, or rather, her money

When he heard this news,

 Jafar rushed to the princess’ side to warn her,

Only to find that he was too late

 By the time he arrived to her room,

She was already over the city on a flying carpet with Prince Ali next to her.


I was finishing getting dressed in my light blue outfit

When I started to hear something that sounded like a song

It sounded like it was getting closer;

Prince Ali, Amorous he, Ali Ababwa

Heard your princess was a sight lovely to see

And that good people is why

He got dolled up and dropped by

With his sixty elephants, llama galore

With his bears and lions

A brass band and more

With his forty fakirs, his cooks, his bakers

His birds that warble on key

Make way for Prince Ali!

Next thing I know there was this random guy flying above my balcony,

I assumed this was Prince Ali.

As we were flying above the city

I then heard Prince Ali talking to his monkey named Abu

All I overheard was going according to plan

Immediately I was thinking he was talking about courting me

But then I saw him glance over at the ring that laid on my right hand

Then, I knew he was up to no good

I calmed myself down after I began to mentally break down

I then noticed that we were heading back towards my balcony

I found myself thinking, finally, I thought it would never end

We finally landed and the moment I got off the flying carpet

 I immediately stepped away from Prince Ali


When we got off the flying carpet

I noticed that Princess Jasmine

Was quick to get away from me

I wonder if she is getting suspicious of me,

Nah, I am just over reacting she is totally falling for my charm

Soon, that money will be mine mwhahahahaha

I then took a step closer to the princess

Hoping she won’t reject my attempt in getting closer

However, I was wrong, the princess immediately moved back

She never gave me a chance to get close

As I was thinking of a plan, she mentions how she will be back

She then leaves and I find this to be the perfect opportunity for me to strike

I head towards her jewelry box and reach out my hand ready to snag something

But then, I heard the princess’ voice, WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU ARE DOING

Then I know, I am in trouble


I am waiting for Princess Jasmine to get back with that mongrel, ready to confess to her

I found myself not waiting long

 Because Princess Jasmine was heading towards me

Before I could speak, her next words take me by surprise,

She tells me that she should have listened to me,

That he was out for her money

But that wasn’t the most shocking reveal

What really shocked me was when she confessed,

Confessed that she went with him to make me jealous

I couldn’t find myself to be angry at her,

My heart was beating out of my chest,

The butterflies wouldn’t stop fluttering

I stood there speechless, but I could tell she took it the wrong way

As she turned around to leave, I stopped and spun her around

Crushing my lips to hers, breathlessly telling her how I loved her

We then pulled away,

Me telling her that she should tell him to leave

As she left to go tell him that she wanted him gone

I waited a couple minutes,

I then heard my lovely Jasmine’s voice scream


Silently laughing and smirking,

I knew she was going to give him a piece of her mind

I wasn’t disappointed,

Jasmine came stomping down the red carpet covered stairs,

Pulling Prince Ali by the ear,

She then opened the door and threw him out,

I suddenly thought of a song and started singing it

Prince Ali, Stuck in his greed, Ali Ababwa

Heard your princess had a lot of money to keep,

And that good people is why,

He got dolled up and dropped by

With sixty elephants, llama galore

With his bears and lions

A brass band and more

With his forty fakirs, his cooks, his bakers

His birds that warble on key

Get out Prince Ali!

Then the door slammed closed


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