Aladdin: The Lost Prince

Tue, 08/29/2017 - 19:02 -- tink66

Once upon a time in a kingdom far, far away

There lived a royal family as kind and loving as can be

But a snake resided within this household called Jafar

He wanted the kingdom to himself so that he could one day rule

However, the king and queen gave birth to the most precious son

He was to be called Aladdin, the Prince of Agrabah

Jafar soon learned of this new child and felt threatened by his presence

He plotted to kidnap Aladdin and have him raised amongst the gutter rats

When the king and queen awoke to find their son missing, they fell into despair

For the lost prince was never to be found

After a year of mourning, they adopted the beautiful princess called Jasmine

She was to take the place of the lost prince and become the rightful heir

This pleased Jafar, for he could one day marry Princess Jasmine

Years and years passed before the princess would meet the lost prince

One day, Princess Jasmine snuck out of the castle to experience the real world,

In this time she collided with her new friend, Aladdin

They became fast friends, and with no time, fell in love

This angered Jafar, because his plans were foiled

So he devised another plan, a plan to kill Aladdin

Long story short… his plans failed

Aladdin and Jasmine were soon married

Thereafter, Aladdin’s heart was filled with a joy he had never felt

He had found his forever home… and they all lived happily ever after



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