Agrabah Days

There once was a street rat named Aladdin,

Who was crushing on Princess Jasmine,

With her pet Raja,

And his big tiger paws,

He hoped for true love and a companion.


Aladdin met the illustrious genie,

Who turned out to be quite the meanie,

The boy was his best friend,

He just couldn't pretend,

That he would let him out of  his sight freely.


When Aladdin asked Genie to be his best man,

The genie devised a devious plan,

He gave a poison bottle,

To the source of his trouble,

Disappointing Aladdin and the Sultan.


Soon all of the family began to grieve,

No matter what they just couldn't believe,

That Jasmine ran away,

There must have been foul play,

For she was simply too young and naive


Genie locked her away in the tower,

But secretly felt that he was a coward,

With a distraught Princess,

And his best friend was a mess,

He began to lose his evil willpower.


Rocked with sadness and shame,

He unlocked the door and Jasmine's chains,

She and Aladdin were reunited,

Genie admitted he was misguided,

I'm sorry! I'm sorry! He exclaimed.


Aladdin agreed Genie was filled with regret,

But still there had to be punishment,

He sentenced him to service,

Genie knew he deserved it,

But soon enough all the time was spent.


A year later happily wed,

And genie's services done and said,

They became a happy family,

And lived so very happily,

Until. The. Very. End!








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