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Hello world, my name is Yasmine but most of you know me as Anonymous,That socially awkward, quiet girl who's always hiding from you, even though I'm right in front of your face.
Everyday Constant pain Feeling like my head is going to Explode Escaping reality Escaping the pain   They don't understand They don't believe me I hide The pain 
Abandoned, left alone Sullen, with a heavy heart Smiling in the play of life is just a part
I’ve spent so long being strong, acting happy, trying to be Normal. Pressure welling up like black Sludge in my throat in my lungs in my head. The fake smile falters The mask begins to slip
  Never have I seen anything about myself as flawless; The cuts that once covered my body, like paint strokes on a damaged canvas,
Sometimes I think the demons inside of me aren't gone but dormant sleeping inside of me.
You know that girl who's always smiling and laughing, That girl who isn't popular, but everyone likes her, That girl who can cheer anyone up within seconds, That girl who loves and cares for everyone?
You know that girl who's always smiling and laughing, That girl who isn't popular, but everyone likes her, That girl who can cheer anyone up within seconds, That girl who loves and cares for everyone?
Just like that, I curl inside the empty cavern between rib bones and hip joints,  just like that,
Within the eyes of the beholder, a dark past derives, An everlasting burden, on the memory of her own, The true essence of her being is slightly obscured, Shadowing the life within.  
Am I bound in this one body? I have such a multifarious disposition that it seems it cannot be so. Yet I am Here, all of me.   I lack symmetry, but doesn't everyone?  
Life is full of challenges.
I am Batman Hidden behind a mask Used to hide my true identity With this mask on I am fearless I can be a savior, I am worth something.   I wear a black suit of armor
Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain. Pay no attention to the fact that he is hurting. Try to Novacane the pain he doesn't want to feel. Turn a blind eye to the things he can't conceal.
Wake up late, Mornings I hate Don't like leaving my bed The smell of bacon Brings a cravin' Jam spread over bread Hash browns or home fries Always satisfies Kethchup on top
I am my own person.
Chasing her, tailing her, wanting her. Every second, every minute, every hour, every day.   She is the most petite, little thing I clutch my heart every time I see her move
I choked on the words as my tongue tried to string together all the vowels and consonants
Brie is a thinker, a poet, a cheese, A listener, a riot, a lock with no key, A loner, a friend, an open door in the cold,
I'm naked.There are those that hide their bare bodiesfrom the worldwith cloaks of satin curtain hanging from their skeletons.
Reading! Writting! Things that make people cringe but makes smilegive me words over sports give me a book over TV
Who am I? See I must be straight Hip-Hop, And just don’t assume the music so just stop, I mean hip-hop
Every morning I put on full body spanx And I turn to the side And I look at myself in the mirror And I pinch at my stomach And I wish I was some other girl   I walk through the halls of my school
Some people view me to be as fragile as glass, Very fragile and not built to last, As if I'll shatter into pieces if something horrible were to happen to me, But they don't see,
Remember to keep it behind the curtain  Everything that makes me have a brain.  Everything that makes you have a heart. For we must go about our day, without droping our curtain.  
To run from others is easy
Once upon a dream and in our dearest desires,
my ancestors were nomads, my mom always told me. my great-grandmother lived through the great depression by travelling from place to place. my great-grandmother lived with a man
Am I Really That Strong?   They say, she's smart and strong.  But they don't know what's really going on.
It happens to us all The weak, mighty, and small Each one taking carful strides Hiding behind the veil of lies We can’t let them see them see what’s beneath For if they do, what might they think?
To break open the heart
I do not hide behind a curtain. Curtains are easily swept away. I am trapped behind glass, one moment I am visible, then my breath fogs up your view. You will never truly see me, unless I let you.
The Masquerade is a sick rite of passage that is taught. As we grow older more people arrive donning new physiques to hide their true selves to become more appealing.   I don’t recall arriving—
I too hide behind a curtain Much like the Wizard in Oz I master in hiding my true self, So others don’t see my flaws.   But my true self, I will attempt to express to you
Pay no attention to the girl behind the curtain. She never speaks. No, not a peep.  
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