iambic pentameter

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Hast I lost my eyes, trapped in ceaseless times Where bleak clouds soar the skies and block my mind? From these clouds does rain fall; acidic crimes
Is th' world so truly full o' toils? No'ne needs t' search afar t' see th' Struggles of th' heart. 'f these despairing People, I wan' to be their a-glowing
Pages upon pages and pages and pages and pages appear on his desk before he is done for the night; he stays, and he works, until  the clock strikes eleven. Eyes bleary,
The mighty man drew forth the hefty blade But of the phone of apple rather than That of the known sword of Beowulf. He is flocked by friends and mocked by foes whose
Sarpedon couldn't get its head around A woman who wanted to stand her ground After a non-consensual encounter. But Medusa didn't let it discount her For sexuality isn't "corrected."
We see the stars not empty space When looking at the nighttime sky; Dark will not win, it won't erase.   We turn our cheek, sun on our face
My secret sister, softly whisper now to sweep away old memory and cry a bouncing chubby babe on momma's lap stay far away from florid dreams of lies
Rose petals wrap against each other in their whispered secrets; too scared to reveal the charms they own. Masks are not ever real.
The Paradox of Insanity   O my worst fear that I wish to expel, A masterpiece refuse all to accept. The hidden pain that I so well dispel
How now, my dearest Lord and suit, Sir Knave? Upon thine honour and upon thy grave, Thou swearest prove thyself a gentleman, And in itself to gain thyself a fan? I’ve seen thee lock’d in taverns here and there,
This journey begins in the golden state, Where waves well and traffic too turns time late, And travels to the prideful lone star realm. Trust me -- I am not the man at the helm.
I growl at the inferior reptile With his beautiful bright scales, he taunts me. In a flash, he's gone. I wait there a while. I'm sick of my cave! I need to be freed!
When days are dreadful and they drag one down, The act of finding bliss is cumbersome. A time where the world was your own playground, Playtime came before personal income. Far away. Go back. Rewind.
You look at me and everything feels right. (How is it that one look can change a life?) Deep in your eyes, I see I sparkling light - A tender glance that takes away my strife.
Raindrops fall quick on the lonely petalsWith the heavens clouded in its dull gloomMeanwhile on the oven, the warm kettlesHelpless to the fearful, coming, dark doomBasking in the colors red and yellow
As I begin to reflect upon life, I look at things a cannot do without. My head tumbles as I do look about, There is someone that always come to mind.   She has been there for my entire life,
In these bootless days of pondering this My heart lays dormant and still in my chest Like the hand on a clock, not at it’s best Waiting for my prince enveloped in bliss
melody so sweet calling me softly like a siren luring to beauty so lightly loveliness yours i long to never part for i fear that would break my gentle heart  
The beauty of creation sings aloud High praises to the One who reigns above. From swirling galaxies and nebula To splendid, sparkling stars in heaven high, He shows us all His power and His might.
Happy, are we, the dreaming sons of God, idyllic in Eden we sat and gave to beast and fish and bird the names that they’ve the ground travers’d, in flesh and fur abroad.
In Bogotá, the first stop on our waywe make inspection of Colomb'n fields.The natives smile, and at our feet they lay
What doth bring us forth from the womb? What doth drive us into the great perhaps? What then to make ourselves a tomb?
Another Student
We are the cultivators Interpreters of dreams
Prologue 1.     This man stands tall, six feet to be exact. 2.     His mind is very fast and is abstract.       3.     He takes a common, simple thought, and can
Shining, bright goddess miles away from me. Close to the stars, sparkling in the night sky. Beautiful where only my eyes can see.   Her glow in the dark, and makes me believe
To one who darest contend mortal fate Woe are my grev’ous sins before the fire The screams of my vexed soul doth not abate Leaving me forever trapped in the mire  
The maiden walking down the crowded road, Unknown, unlucky vessel for defeat, Not seeing Cupid’s humble, red abode, Is struck within, filling void hearts in heat.
Neither love nor detest makes difference. Each sprung from the heart, the soul and withers. When time and space is no interference, Emotions die not when not together.  
My father was the constant sun of mine Placed in the center of my universe, Dictating daily toils, joys, and time, My seasons, too- though seasons deeper go Than gravity due to the sun, for as
Shall I compare thee to your brilliant self? May your intelligence pray tell more lines? When I see your books sitting on the shelf It reminds me of your wonderful rhymes Sometimes I recall your serious death
In the black of night the fear is found, An om'nous glowing Baskervillian Hound.   To fight it is to stay awake and pray, And wait for comfort from the dawn of day.  
Its anger crashing on the sodden land To darken innocence and turn it gray The mighty power of the Sky god's hand His blackest soul that blocks the light of day Its wails, so full of bitter resent
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