The Modern Medusa

Sarpedon couldn't get its head around

A woman who wanted to stand her ground

After a non-consensual encounter.

But Medusa didn't let it discount her

For sexuality isn't "corrected."

Poseidon was just one who neglected

The sapphic nature of a lesbian.

Athena turned her look from pedestrian

To outer-features more reptilian.

Now Medusa craved her oblivion

And sought sanctuary with her sisters.

Meanwhile Perseus was getting blisters,

Marching his way to where the gorgons stay.

Gods-sent he had a plan to not turn gray,

Equipped with shield, gold, sandals, sword and helm.

He had plan to rid Medusa of this realm,

To, with the power of the Gods, behead

The gorgon who's no hetero in bed.

Using the mirror shield to shield his eyes,

Perseus corned Medusa as she cries.

But a strong hero came to grant reprieve

A woman pulled a weapon from her sleeve,

Summoning feminine strength from within,

She beheaded him instead, with a grin.

Medusa paused, glancing at her savior

And questioned the courageous behavior.

The bold maid stood tall facing the gorgon

Still flesh and bone in her every organ.

"Why have you not turned to stone, chevalier?"

"I lost my eyesight in complete this year."

Medusa gifted her liberator

A kiss despite the discriminator

Which was eagerly reciprocated.

As fate took course, the two grew elated.

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this is absolutely amazing 

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