Ignorance, Pure and Simple

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1.     This man stands tall, six feet to be exact.

2.     His mind is very fast and is abstract.      

3.     He takes a common, simple thought, and can

4.     Create some intricate and or secret plan.


5.     He’s crafty, cunning, also very loud.

6.     They call him wolf; he stands out in the crowd.

7.     When he is hurt he thinks the worst and will

8.     Not see the other ways.  The Doc, the bills,


9.     Unending troubles for this middle aged

10.  Man.  Feeling very trapped, he thinks he’s caged.

11.  His purpose in his life is clear, and he

12.  Desires to display life is not full

13.  Of sunny days.  It’s not all apples, brie

14.  And wine.  One evening night during a lull


15.  In conversation, he decided to

16.  Disrupt and break the peaceful silence.  He

17.  Cleared out his throat, ready to now subdue

18.  The wrong beliefs of friends who did not see


19.  Their hopes and dreams were utterly not true. 

20.  He leaned back in his chair and with a loud

21.  Tongue, he began his story: how he grew

22.  Up with a boy that always chose and vowed


23.  To have the perfect life.  But that soon changed.


The Tale of John

24.  The land called Coy is known for dreams and ageless

25.  Content.   Where butterflies abundantly

26.  Are born and flowers are adorned for greatness.

27.  This land, not found on maps is peacefully


28.  In youthful minds imagining success

29.  And joy.   A boy with solely worriless

30.  times, was so unaware of blaring faults

31.  That he beheld.  He thought that he could waltz


32.  Through life, and live it to the tallest height.

33.  The day of his great nineteenth birthday was

34.  A time of change, and beautiful and bright

35.  Light gleaming in his eyes.  This Joy is ‘cause


36.  The possibilities within the years

37.  To come were limitless, or so he thought. 

38.  John leaves his home and rides afar.  With beers

39.  In hand, he sees a girl who is quite hot.


40.  Her hair was black like midnight skies and flowed

41.  Around her waist.  Her eyes were blue and gleamed

42.  Like stars and when she smiled her face glowed

43.  Like roses.  John now realized he seemed


44.  To be in love.  Now where is there a time

45.  To meet this pretty little lady? Could

46.  He walk to her and say hello and chime

47.  Her heart strings on the spot?  He maybe should


48.  Instead go buy a gift to seek her time.

49.  That’s what he chose to do, that foolish soul.

50.  Eager to buy and not commit a crime,

51.  He searched a gift that would not leave a hole


52.  In his small wallet.  Could a diamond broach

53.  Insure her heart?  That’s not a good approach.

54.  It’s too expensive, he would scare her off.

55.  An outright stranger—she would merely scoff.


56.  He could buy flowers, but is that too poor?

57.  She could now possibly be wanting more. 

58.  But then he realized the perfect gift

59.  To give: A journal for her thoughts.  To lift


60.  Her dreams, her passions and her joys.  Would this

61.  Secure her love within his hands?  Within

62.  His mind she would give him a long, sweet kiss.

63.  This plan “insured” him to take all and win.


64.  The next few weeks he gathered courage to

65.  Present himself and make his love for her

66.  Displayed to all. On one fine day a new

67.  Beginning took its place.  John walked past fir


68.  And apple trees, then through the town where he

69.  First saw her beauty.  Luckily for him,

70.  She stood on the same porch while serving tea

71.  And other drinks to men at the McKim’s


72.  Well-known and showy tavern.  Her blue eyes

73.  Met his and John mistook it as a sign

74.  From God.  He took a seat and was quite wise

75.  To wait to speak and have some drinks of wine.


76.  When evening came John got her time just for

77.  A moment.  He presented what he chose

78.  To give: the journal to (perhaps) confess

79.  His love.   Receiving this kind gift, she showed


80.  A bright, full smile.  It was not a kiss

81.  Like he had thought but he was so enthralled

82.  He didn’t notice.  John had made a list

83.  Of times he would return.  He always called


84.  To win her hand in marriage.  He would not

85.  Forget a day.  She was why John was caught

86.  In mere infatuation. She would whip

87.  Her hair and bat her eyes as she would zip


88.  Right past his table.  Finally one night

89.  He stopped her, asking her a question: “My

90.  Dear lady, may I walk you home tonight?”

91.  Her rosy cheeks turned red and she said, “Why


92.  How kind of you!  Sir that would be just fine.”

93.  His heart triumphantly jumped up for joy

94.While leading her right out the door.  A sign

95.  From God, John thought.  A foolish little boy


96.  He was.   Expecting her to one day be

97.  His wife was very immature.  He took

98.  Her home and then let out the sound “yippee!”

99.  When morning came, he bought a ring to book


100.                 A wedding date.   But when he found his sweet

101.                 And “flawless” love, he was surprised in what

102.                 He saw: Love clearly tainted with deceit.

103.                 A handsome man of better status cut


104.                 John’s chances instantly.  He saw his sweet

105.                 Love being held and caressed by that man. 

106.                 John called for her, but he was obsolete. 

107.                 She looked away and carried on to plan


108.                 To give herself in marriage to the tall

109.                 Prestigious man.  John felt so numb and threw

110.                 Away the ring.  He realized that all

111.                 His dreams just happened in the fairy tales.


112.                 There is no such reality in life

113.                 As perfect endings. Now from this point on

114.                 John changes his perspective: Life is strife

115.                 And work.  It’s not all apples, brie and wine.


116.                 So that’s the truth in actuality.




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