Texas Transplant

This journey begins in the golden state,

Where waves well and traffic too turns time late,

And travels to the prideful lone star realm.

Trust me -- I am not the man at the helm.

I must say bye, memories, bye, my friend,

Bye B, the buddy with me till the end.

Smart and clever, he’s never forgotten.

But hello, Coach, with wisdom ten of ten.

Hello Lauren, just friend of friend at first,

Always there to tell my jokes are the worst.


December, a time of celebration,

Yet B and I boast little elation.

“Must you leave?” says he, looking quite deject.

I answer, “It’s not my choice to elect.”

“What if you hide?” delivered with sly smile.

“My parents would see that plan from a mile.”

So then we paced around the room, thinking,

But our efforts still were quickly sinking.

Alas, it seemed, our attempts were in vain,

Unless we wished to go slowly insane.


And so we left that place I once called home,

To travel to where I heard cowboys roam.

That summer was long, with little to do.

Who wants to hang out with the kid who’s new?

There was one solace, that being running.

The progress I made was simply stunning.

It’s here that I met the man I call Coach,

I knew he was sincere from first approach.

Under his guidance, my knowledge would grow,

He’s taught me more than you would care to know.


Smart and inspiring, he knows how to laugh,

Just be careful not to incur his wrath!

Through good and bad, he stood right by my side,

I’m sure he felt no small measure of pride.

That year threw many challenges my way,

Yet newfound friendships compelled me to stay.

I even went to my first football game

(Though I must admit, it was kind of lame).

Then I lived through my first Texas winter,

The sky spat snow like paper from printer.


Before long, the school year breathed its last breath.

All hopes of cool, mild days were put to death.

Camps were run, gross, sweaty naps were taken,

But my deep resolve remained unshaken.

When I stumbled, Coach was there to console,

To be successful was my foremost goal.

Slowly but surely, months bled into days.

We sadly came down with back-to-school craze.

This year was better, time flew by faster.

Jump to 2016, month of Casper.


Don’t be mistaken, we were not strangers.

Matter of fact, we’re teammates and neighbors.

First a faithful friend, there in time of need,

Lauren quickly became more, guaranteed.

She drew me in with endless charm and wit,

Cupid knew with no doubt -- it was a hit.

With her by my side, who knew me so well,

Hurdle after hurdle expertly fell.

Her steady support still remains priceless.

Losing her would incite global crisis.


Alas, my journey is nearly ending,

The past and present seem to be blending.

Each new year carries memories with ease,

Icy snow combines with sweet ocean breeze.

I’ve come a long way from sandy beaches,

All to realize just how much life teaches.

From reliable Coach to loyal B,

I’ve learned friends and family are the key.

It seems the curtains are starting to close,

I guess I’ll leave poetry to the pros.

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My community


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