Sonnet no. MMCXII


48 Rabbit Run Ln
United States

In Bogotá, the first stop on our way
we make inspection of Colomb'n fields.
The natives smile, and at our feet they lay
an ample sample of their recent yield.
Our next stop thou wilt see Jamaican belles,
who's sweet love only comes from op'ium's pipe.
In Acapulco, thou wilt see to tell
of evenings coloured shades of mangos ripe.

Morocco we will see, then the Far East,
then fly quickly away by morning's light.

Toward Bangkok, steady we head on our beasts;
on Siam's express route we make our flight.
                -Along our way we hit the stops to rest
                  only stopping for those we deem the best.

This sonnet is based on the song "Passage to Bangkok" by the Canadian band Rush from their album 2112.

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