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You didn't make me well enough to survive Your finger tips didn't paint me pretty enough  You left me without a repertoire that was exotic enough You didn't grace me with enough talent to be special 
Darkness fell with innocence in tow The serene sky marred by gunshot smoke Signed by Death’s fiery signature And crossed with wails that frayed stable ground.
I should resent you for the drunk words you spit at me, during many of my slumbers. I should hate you for making me raise mself, because that's hardly the way it should be.
Write about anything I want? does it need to be in a certain font?   Your letting me choose?
A tear flowing through the pacific river and crosses the valleys of hearts 
College, the time In your life where you are in search of finding your own identity. Day by day as I am trying to portray what I think I am.
We all want that fairy tale ending that we see all the time in the movies when the princess gets her Princess Charming or the guy gets the girl and they live happily ever after  
  The world is so big and I am so small I just want to find a place within it all   I am neither here nor there Rather, I am here and there   I am sad and I am happy
My heart sores like a melting volcano erupting tarring down everything in site.
I can't begin to understand Your depression, Isolation. But I can understand How life leaves you raw, Unable to feel, Numb. You want nothing more than to feel Something, Anything,
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