My Expressed Heart



My heart sores like a melting volcano erupting tarring down everything in site.

My expressed heart couldn't define why love is so passionate, why love is so sweet, why love why love could hurt the'.

Please understand, me please don't underestimated, figure me out why don't you . put effort in to what you least expected and that was me you see that, it  was my expressed heart.

I bared the cries , the lies and pain and yet we still remain in tacked in place were no time or space could be rewind or even replaced.

I said " I love you" with my sweet, generous, and soft unbearable lips, why hurt the sole that cared and admired you , cherished and understood you.

The meaning two peas in the pod came alive and our wonderful beautiful eyes. yet you still can't seem to realize my expressed heart is drowning in blood that suffocates it's way of feeling .

You see , no not actually . you don't see not clearly . but you see what you did to me.




why is thy love at the bottom of the food chain is it less important than the other emotions.

no your just the one person that puts it last like the last sip in the glass I understand . My Expressed Heart was too much for you to grasp.

                                                                                                         By: Korri Standifer

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