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Teach, Teach ME!We the students screamSpeeches mean nothing to usTeach us the knowledge We beg to be taught,Not lectured for an eternityEncourage us to learnAND STOP LECTURING US
It's all online, just read it in your textbook,
I sit at my desk I get ready, i'm definitely going to fail this test My heart pounds My head drips of sweat  I studied, or at least I tried I stared at that board and listened to most you said
Hypocrite! Do not lecture me to speak Spanish when you speak English the majority of the class period and make up your own Spanish words. This will not help me when I take the AP test.  
Teachers ask you if you're okay Do they really care? No.   You're gone a couple of days You fail a test You look exhausted Do they really care?  No.  
I wish I could tell my teachers no. Yeah, you read right, no. No, I don't care about the stupid coefficient of friction no, i dont care about at what angle a plane need be falling at in order to land
I walk into his room, notes from class unerased on the white board, and Mr. Frits still sitting at his desk. I hesistate for a second...standing in the doorway, But then he lifts his head and notices me,
You look at us. You know our names, But you don't know who we are. We're more than assigned seats and late papers. We're hopes, and dreams, and wishes on a star.
Kindergarten came and went, luckly my transcripts were just sent. The teachers bashed and yelled  for us to learn but really at the end all my papers were burned. Some mean and some strange 
You think you are so powerful teaching at a school, but in reality it just makes you look like a fool. Telling kids what to do left and right, how about you just take a hike.
Teachers we want your attention, We want no busy work in class, We want inspiring lectures,  and clear instructions like glass,   We need more answers, answers to our questions,
He cannot teach math but he expects us to learnHe makes lame jokes, and pretend we all having funWhen I need help, he tells me "go look it up, son"Are my parents' tax money paying for none?
There's two sides to everyone student.
We have dreams and aspirations, you guys are just here to get us to those places. Success is the main key, but how are we suppose to reach success without honesty?
Everyday is the same when I walk in and out students always talking and laughing out loud 
Honestly I've never had any problems with a teacher, but that's just me. Maybe it's because I take all AP and IB classes. Maybe it's because I'm not rude to the teachers. Maybe it's because I actually do my work,
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