Ain't nobody got time for this (clean Rap version)



It's all online, just read it in your textbook,

But it  won't help me when I open a checkbook

Foreign language, then reading, and math,

Thanks to that ain't no time to take a bath


A lengthy typed lab report assignment,

A short but long History of confinement

Another country with almost no alignment,

Teachers that basically have no refinement


Ain't no time for this and no time for that,

Ain't no time to listen to a teacher brat

Going on and on that I cooked it to flat,

And cramming just to dissect a dead cat.


Now I'm running right out of time,

I need to print but it costs a dime

An online assignment is due tonight,

And a speech that I just need to write.


A vocabulary test showing up the next day,

And I spent all night doing homework anyway

Ain't no time to study for it now,

Because all im thinking is WOW!


Three tests coming all at once in one day,

Im speechless since there's nothing else to say

Cause my depressing day has only begun anyway,

Seriously homework is a crime students pay!


Can't I have my life back?

Instead of putting our homework in a stack

Studying for another difficult test,

That attacks my life like a pest.


Cause ain't nobody got time for this,

But they do say nowadays that ignorance is bliss

We can learn more like why cheese  was named swiss

Cause there's nothing about school I wouldn't miss.









Guide that inspired this poem: 



I like how I did this last minute It is fun writing poetry that people can relate to so in any case this can be about a school life (like mine).

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