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We have dreams and aspirations, you guys are just here to get us to those places. Success is the main key, but how are we suppose to reach success without honesty? Teachers tell us to do this and do that; be the best you can be and don't look back. Acting as if they didn't do the same things that we do. Shouldn't you guys be able to relate since you've already been in our shoes. Teachers are so contradicting, telling students things like the truth will set you free. Low and behold still lying about your lifestyles. That's terrible since most of you have children of your own now. Teachers are suppose to inspire, guide, and uplift. In the process being able to recognize everybody's personal differences. Each student is different, and learns in different ways! So why is it that were always compared to the next? For example Jennifer got a eighty on the test Johnny, so I know you can do better. When I'm doing my best I just need you to support me. Tell us the real so we can know how to feel, we would respect you more if honesty was apart of the deal. 

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