Let's be real


Honestly I've never had any problems with a teacher,

but that's just me.

Maybe it's because I take all AP and IB classes.

Maybe it's because I'm not rude to the teachers.

Maybe it's because I actually do my work,

but you know, that's just me.

Students blame teachers

that they fail because teachers don't teach,

that they earn bad grades because teachers don't grade easy,

that it's the teacher's fault they don't graduate,

but let's be real.

Teachers don't give out assignments aren't within your ability.

Teachers don't make you procrastinate.

Teachers don't force you to cut class.

Like let's take some responsibility

Some students don't do any work at all.

Some students would rather cut class and smoke weed in the bathroom.

Some students just don't give a crap about their future

and is that the teacher's fault?

Let's be real.

Sure the workload is large.

Sure the workload is tedious,

but you just got to suck it up.

That's what it means to be a student

Doing work is our job

it's meant to be hard.

People don't call it hard work because it's easy.

Now let's get it together guys.

Let's stop hating on teachers

because they give us "too much" work,

because they expect us to succeed,

because they care.

Like let's be real

and cut teachers some slack. 


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