Please remove your reading glasses, Take a deep breath, and Find your way to time-out


Do not lecture me to speak Spanish when you speak English the majority of the class period and make up your own Spanish words. This will not help me when I take the AP test.


We get

that repetition is important and aids in memory retention, but was it necessary to repeat the same information three times in the last 20 minutes?


Do not

pair up serious students with class clowns for a group project. Sure the clown may become more inclined to work because his or her partner is a hard worker and understands the imporatance of education but more often than not... that's not the case. 



must we suffer through another bland picture-less PowerPoint with the drone of your voice. I'm a visual learner.


How could you

expect us to read, annotate, and summarize long passages when the class is throwing markers and screaming at each other across the room.



how many pages junior students with four ap courses are going to read from a 30 page nightly textbook homework assignment about the structure and function of plants. Z E R 0.


How dare you

give extra time to students who intentionally come late to class to avoid a test. We all know these students are memorizing the test problems and searching for answers the night before they finish their test in class. 


Do not

sass me in front of the class when I don't have my book you told everyone to purchase because my mom made a mistake by ordering the book from California two days before the book was due in class. It's not my fault California is far away from Connecticut.


Are you kidding me?

Why don't you focus on getting the class on task instead of going on Google Maps, looking up childhood pictures, and projecting those pictures to the class to publicly reminisce on the good old days?


I want to like you. I really do. Just take a deep breath, reflect on your actions, and decide whether or not you would like it if someone did what you just did. Would you like a cookie?


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