The Irony



He cannot teach math but he expects us to learn
He makes lame jokes, and pretend we all having fun
When I need help, he tells me "go look it up, son"
Are my parents' tax money paying for none?

My econ teacher gave everyone zero yesterday
For plagiarism, it was, and it is such a dismay
All his powerpoints, his tests are online
Is he getting paid to just show up to class with shine?

Teachers expect us to be adults, yet they havent done growing
They are supposed to be our parents like, but they are all posing
I got baggy eyes, anemia, stress, but I gotta go to school
But I teach myself from the book, practically
And I can do that at my home at anytime in the afternoon.

Most tachers have gotten lazy today; only wanting money
Perhaps its time we students do something about this irony


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