How come I can't?


I wish I could tell my teachers no.

Yeah, you read right, no.

No, I don't care about the stupid coefficient of friction

no, i dont care about at what angle a plane need be falling at in order to land

Isn't that sh*t figured out already? Why do I need to find your x? Why do I need to figure out y she left, right? 

Why is it that i cant tell my teacher "look dude, can you teach me something important? Like how third derivatives help me pay taxes? Cuz' ya know, THAT sounds helpful."

Why can't I just tell Samuel Adams to lower the drinking age and JFK to stop sleeping around?

Naw, I gotta just write about "have you ever faced an ethical delimma?" or "have you ever experienced defeat?" or "describe a time where you went against the social norm". 

My ethical dilemma would include whether or not I'm gonna write this paper (answer is, you guessed it, no), I experienced defeat when this prompt prompts me to NOT do it (Cuz, you know, I won't), and I went against the social norm by telling my teacher I'm not gonna do this assignment. 

I sigh. Why can't I do that? Teachers always say "you can do anything if you set your mind to it", but when you set your mind to say "no", they want to get all pissy and admonish your behavior. Hypocrites. 

I wish I could just tell my teachers no. If I can "do anything" or "be anyone", how come I can't say no?

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