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I wish we wrote more semicolons;I wish perfectly good sentences wouldn’t have to end;I wish even the imperfect sentences would have a chance at a happy ending;I wish people wouldn’t put a period on what could’ve been so beautiful;I wish they could
We made our boat from Dreams, and anchored ourselves with Hope, so that no matter what Storm comes, we'll Always stay afloat.
are you in love with me or are you in love with the idea of being in love. do I enlighten your soul or is it your body that wants me? how resolute are you in love ? will you ever make a move ?
Taking a road, A road down uncharted territory,  From a flower blooming  to a restless seed. A silly child, know-it-all wondering amioulsy and understandingly feeling tall; 
Barefoot dances on summer nights
You held me. Spoke few but The words Gone, You were gone and your shadow left   I can’t see myself- In the mirror, A figure of stranger struggling. Holding on to the smoke
Trust me I know, I know what you think I don't know  I wish you would of told me what you thought I didn't know I wish you would of told me months ago but you didn't..
Lost. Hopeless. Tear filled eyes Gaze                 Upon the scene. The horror.   What mad game has the artist played? Conjuring up dark roots, Faded memories,
I Love you with my Heart
I want you to smile and laugh  to relish in the sunlight and love by the moonlight. I want you to visit my dusty bookshelf and read my favorite book and try to understand why it speaks to me.
My heart.My easily wounded and sensitive heart.With a string attached, floating like a balloon in the gentle breeze.My heart.Is done.Done being whipped and thrashed in the brutal vicious wind.The wind that forms tornado's.The wind that knocks over
 I'm technically single, yet my heart is taken. 
Tears are streaming from my eyes, These feelings cold and twisted, My heart hides its muffled cries, My eyes are cold and misted.   Hold me gently in your arms, Take away my fears.
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