I know.


Trust me I know, I know what you think I don't know 

I wish you would of told me what you thought I didn't know

I wish you would of told me months ago but you didn't..

maybe you believed you were looking out for me or maybe

You never really cared about me, maybe you didn't care that

I cried for hours looking so naive while you stood there and

made me believe you were there for me..

but were you really? Or did you just love seeing

me drown in my own sorrow .. die in the pit of

the darkness of broken hearts, I admit I was truly

mad because I thought you both were my friendy

but obviously that wasn't as important to you what

was important was keeping the secrect away from me

watching it kill me so intensively I wasn't okay

and finding out you knew made my heart stomach

and every other aspect of my body become completly E M P T Y

but now I know what you didn't want me to know and I feel like

I have an advantage because you still sit there and believe I don't know but trust me

I Really do but I guess Im willing to forgive the both of you.-Theflowerthat_blooms 


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