I wish we wrote more semicolons;I wish perfectly good sentences wouldn’t have to end;I wish even the imperfect sentences would have a chance at a happy ending;I wish people wouldn’t put a period on what could’ve been so beautiful;I wish they could think of more words to say;I wish cliffhangers were outlawed;For no one should be left in suspense forever; I wish I could find the courage to put it all out there;I wish you could do it first;I wish you knew the intention behind my stammers and blushing cheeks;Like voice control; I wish that the spell-correct of life would swoop down and save me;I wish such writer’s block would disappear;I wish a had a hook to reel you in;Maybe then you'd be interested in peer editing my assignment;And give it a happy ending; I wish we wrote more semicolons;So then that fragmented phrase;Could be whole;And all the lovely run-ons;Could run free. 

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