I Love you with my Heart

Thu, 10/03/2013 - 18:32 -- gmandy1


I Love you with my Heart

I love you with my whole heart (I will always love you) I carry your heart in mine (I carry it in mine) Sadness overflows me when you’re not with me (when you’re not with me) I will go where you go; I will go everywhere you go (anywhere you go) whatever is done by me is your doing alone, my dear

I am not afraid of destiny (you are my destiny) I want no home (for you are my home) I want no dream (for my only dream is you) and the moon shines bright on you while the sun carols over you

I don’t need a soul (you are my soul) I don’t need a life    you are my life

You say you never loved me I know you did   Pain cut through me while sadness flourished me (sadness flourished me) You say you don’t want to know it but

                                                                                                I will always love you. I will always

                                                                                                Love you (I love you with my heart). 

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