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In beat with the sound of the lyre, On a beautiful nights, We made our love shine brighter, Our fears taking flight. The next day, "I'm leaving you" Was all you had to say.
One day I couldn't reconize myself. I looked in the mirror and couldn't find my face from all the troubles of the world. I wear a smile to cover the pain as I wash away the blood and scars. He hit me. As the red washed away my mind did too.
Landmines Claim the Ability To disrupt, To contain, To destroy, To supress, To unhinge, To contract, To dismantle, To idle. <br /> All while
This is how it goes: You are yellow you know most embrace the color your small eyes. But I am not!  I am more than that! I have eyes, yes! So do you!
Love is what?   It's just a waste of time.  
You all
Sometimes it feels like it’s not enough to be just me
First chance was a mystery, 
I was always the last person in line, the last seat at the back of the classroom, and the last person to speak.
hey you dont leave me hear alone hey you dont juge me by my looks hey you dont turn your back on me hey you your leaving me dont go away bye you
Once again you have left, This time it doesn't hurt as much. I didn't even cry. Unlike the other times however, You cheated. Maybe this is what it took for me to finally let go,
Words. I would change the awful words that spills like vomit from your mouth. I would change the ugliness of the world. I would outlaw derogitory terms, hateful phrases, cold shoulders, tears...
Throughout all my life I questioned myselfWill I ever be perfect?Will I ever be noticed?Who would want someone like me?One day it all changedI found someone who I cared about deeply
You string me up like I'm something special.
Rolled between my thumb and forefinger
No more hurt, No more pain, No more broken hearts, And no more devastating surprises. There is a cure for cancer. 
A world without pain Would be a sweet summer day No more hurt No more sorrow No more wishing to look like the worlds definition of beautiful   A world without pain  Would be a comforting song
she, the fallen one has lost and as of this moment  she, withers away without a sound she, the fallen one cant go a night without a pillow drenched with tears  filled wih screams
her firey eyes burn her pain and use it life coal to fuel her hate gaze into them, you will reviel the ache she will forever feel make way for her tears and her regret shes thought it up, her mind is set
Run run as fast as you can! Before the blade slices your hand! Making you feel like barren land... Scarlet blood dripping on the floor... Wishing wishing you could have more...
Do you know that feeling where you feel replaced? When the person you laughed with every day When the person you cried with every day When the person you talked with every day Just disappears out of your life.
I'm going to face the past head on, I will no longer run from what I fear, I will hear those words that I hate the most, My name will not feel the same, My heart will no longer melt,
As I look back on my Life Everything all at once hits me If I tell this story, some would not believe That a girl like me with through so much From the Hurt and the pain To the lies and rain
You exhaust me. That hardly describes it. I wish there was a better phrase for putting my emotions through a spin cycle. You didn't even hang me out to dry.
When love breaks its like a storm Inside everything is torn The smell of rain is rolling in You know this love is about to end For a moment everything stalls While the first rain drop has time to fall
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