Once Upon A Time...

Throughout all my life I questioned myself
Will I ever be perfect?
Will I ever be noticed?
Who would want someone like me?
One day it all changed
I found someone who I cared about deeply
He was the sun that brightened the darkness
He was the lighthouse ships searched for
Oh how my heart would sing for him
He had me in his palm
He knew what to say
I was living a fairytale
I had it all but fancy dresses and money
Which was fine with me
Just like most fairytales
Mine wasn't to last for long
He changed into this beast
I was so surprised
Where did my prince charming go?
Why was he replaced with this monster?
So much for finding the one
He's not what I thought he was
His true colors are showing
Where's the guy I once knew and loved?
He's only a distant memory now



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