Acceptance At Last


I was always the last person in line, the last seat at the back of the classroom, and the last person to speak.

Staying in the dark shadows, silent and invisible where all are forced to be blinded was my best chance of surviving.

The cruel and maleficent society around her changed her.

They buried her true identity with their ruthless ways and words because

she was not like them.

They spat out the filthy words: different, hideous, strange, and weird

over and over again.

My insides ripped and shredded, but not forever.

Being unique and different is not as dreadful as it once was to the old me.

I will not be crushed.

I refuse to be crushed.

Now, The darkness no longer holds any power over her.

She, finally accepts being different.

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First off, your profile picture is so beautiful! I'm just in awe that you've managed to defy society's image of beauty by just being yourself!

Second of all, this poem... God, it's so inspirational! Be different! Be you! Despite society's cry, just be yourself! :D This made me feel better! Thank you!


Wow. Thank you! I'm glad it made you feel better and that I could inspire someone. It took me time to realize this myself, but now I want to help other's realize this. Thank you again and be yourself because I am positive their is no one else like you in the world! :D

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