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Crushing under the weight, trying to swing it in stride. This adulting concept was not well explained. Breathe   Pinching yourself, begging to wake up from a terrible nightmare.
My drive...what ignites the part of me to be the best me My fear of  disappointment… I wouldn't wanna spread it to anyone else, Like a disease.
God is love Love is who He is For His love is more than a feeling  His loves pursues me daily, constantly, always Whether I am faithful or not it chasee after me
In Between Wanting to go and live yet stuck sitting here doing the same thing desiring for more but no way of obtain the more that i cry out for that is when i know God is truly in control
Schwivel, Schwivel...Click! I hold the gun in my lap Staring down the empty tunnel Slipping into a beautiful little trap Should I, shouldn't I... Schwivel, Schwivel...Click!
You're not what you've done All of the mistakes The heartache The tears The pain that tries to tear you apart That's all gone Done You are how you oercome You are strong
She sat alone with her sorrow  Didn't give a damn what they thought
(Second person) She laughs at us, you know? Telling us "I apologize." She's just setting us up for another pile of lies. Each time we want to desperately believe her. 
Life goes on and on. Everything will be ok. Don't give up just yet.
Can you see it? The hatred, the abuse? She doesn’t show it But what’s the use? People will say it’s for “attention” Throw her against the wall Threaten her to mention Because they fear to fall
Summer was a time for an instrument of the head. We learned tactics in the streets with the neighborhood kids, like the cool cats carrying their composure before unleashing their unruly unload of water balloons and water guns.
From when I was woken, to when I fall; destruction, pain, sadness, and death will blur my vision. But where there is destruction, will soon be creation; where there is pain, will soon be comfort;
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