In Between

Wanting to go and live

yet stuck sitting here

doing the same thing

desiring for more

but no way of obtain the more that i cry out for

that is when i know

God is truly in control

banging my head against the wall

yearning for what is ahead, but can't seem to even touch it

not truly looking at other, just me

wanting to be more and do more

looking so far ahead that i almost miss what i have now

God is in control. His timing is way better than mine

so take a deep breath


Live for now

yes, it is hard at times

yet, God is in control. He has plans to prosper me and not to harm me

So, i will wait patiently with a faithful heart

knowing that He knows my desires, dreams, and wishes and He answers prayers

He never fails and He won't start  now

so, Take a deep breath



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