Click (Sounds Of Rolling Barrels And Indecision)

Schwivel, Schwivel...Click!
I hold the gun in my lap
Staring down the empty tunnel
Slipping into a beautiful little trap

Should I, shouldn't I...

Schwivel, Schwivel...Click!
I twirl the bullet in my other hand
A hot tear slides down the barrel
I hear soft whispers and sharp reprimands
'Don't do it' and 'What are you waiting for?'
Kill yourself
Kill yourself
Kill yourself

Schwivel, Schwivel..Click!
Little words prick like a needle
'You're stupid, ugly, weak'
A born mistake; expendable
Dysfunctional and inoperative

Schwivel, Schwivel...Click!
Don't let it go
Eventually it'll stick

Schwivel, Schwivel...Click!
Pull the trigger and fade away
Fall into an unconscious dream
Into a blissful field of grey
Or just another hell
Fall into a dark, depthless pit
Trapped, alone, in a cold, iron cell

Schwivel, Schwivel...Click!
They say - end it now, end the pain
Forget survival, forget preservation
Just blow this bullet through my brain
It'll only hurt a second
Only a quick moment of agony
And then my stiff body will fall, deadened

Schwivel, Schwivel...Click!
That still, small voice is still resounding
'You're not a quitter!' It shouts
'Don't stop fighting!'
But I want to give up and die
Nothing is left for me
There are too many reasons why

Schwivel, Schwivel...Stop
Don't admit defeat
Don't wave the flag
Do not concede
'I want to live'
'I want to live'
'I want to live'

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