God is love

Love is who He is

For His love is more than a feeling 

His loves pursues me daily, constantly, always

Whether I am faithful or not

it chasee after me

I welcome Him with open arms, the same way He welcomes me

For I understand that I am nothing without Him

He holds all my days in the palm of His hands and has soo many good thoughts of me

they are more than the grains of sand

He wishes to prosper me, not to withold anything from me, only if it would harm me

For He loves me and He loves YOU!

I want to love like Him

to show love that surpasses all understanding

to show my sisters, and brohters, they are greater than they think they are

my bad habbits and their bad habbits do not control them or me

for NOTHING can serperate us

from the love of God, so nothing will seperate us from our divine purpose

not even ourselves

Fear and Shame have no place in You or me

For God did  not give anyone a spirit of fear but of Power, Love, and a Sound Mind

Fear is only of  the enemy

Only good thiings come from God

Joy, Peace, Love and Hope

so I will press on to the till my day has come

I will love more like Christ

I will Stand Tall through it all

that is my


This poem is about: 
Our world


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