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Is this life just? Or just us clining onto misguided hope for justice? are we decieved by misdeeds? or sadly guided by missed deeds?
these girls fan over my melanin as if it were designer that they can try on and wear until they’re bored. snatch the skin off this mannequin, claw until they see fresh wounds, and wrap it around themselves.
You’re pretty… he saysfor a dark-skinned girlI usually don’t talk to your I supposed to feel honor?you hopped of your pedestal, down to mine?
Mother of  Melanin seeds, I produce Kings  and Queens of many shades  but this world still hates my beautiful brown glazed mocha shade  Does my rich melanin skin scares you
Dear Miss Melanin,  I love your skin It's so beautiful that everyone wants to be like you  You come in different shades Some light and some dark Don't forget about the alluring brown.
You see before I could read,the world had already burdened mewith the color of my chocolate skin.The world had taught me thatI was less than perfect outside and within.You see I didn't begin to understand
Her melanin glows like the orange sun   Her dark- chocolate complexion- so fine   As she walks by, who can be compared-none   Her red, rosy lips stand out like red wine  
Black Power I want to climb on a tower I want the whole world to hear This is what I fear Is this what the world has come to?
 I am strong & African American.I want you to accept me for me just because I have more melanin soaked so heavily in my skin that doesn’t define my intelligence.I wonder, why are we here?
From the night in her skin to kink of her hair The sun in her smile to the stars in those eyes I know that Melanin is beautiful The beauty that glows through her blood like magic Her melanin drips like honey
You hope and pray for pink, but the outcome is black. You contemplate on what life is going to bring you tomorrow. You tell yourself you're pretty knowing that it's an understatement. You're beautiful.
Bieng black is like being  labeled as bad As if there's a choice about your color of skin As if you could cahnge it like 1,2,3 A battle that seems like it cannot be winned   It time to see  
I never ever claimed to be a lyrical genius or one who spit words from the top of my cranium that could make you so furious because the truth has the effect to cause major pain in sum.   
Melanin Stained Skin Jeraldyne Norman   Melanin stained skin Everyone’s staring, glaring through me Watching each and every step I take
Just because there is melanin in the skin Dosnt mean that there is a criminal living within Belittled on tv and we don't even see it but growing up the kid with the most melanin  on tv was the most athletic thats it
I am dark and lovely. My skin glows with melanin. It is naturally unique.   I am dark and lovely. My hair is full of natural kinks, coils, curls. I don't need a relaxer.  
Mansa Musa, Shaka Zulu, Nefertiti, Akhenaten-- Something is similar about all of these names No doubt, there are complexities that make these names uncommon However, the common fact is that they played no games.  
Close your eyes, imagine this A little girl in the mirror Her skin is brown Her hair is long Can you envision a little clearer? Eyes that resemble a pot of gold This little girl is only 9 years old
I need my melanin  as crazy as that sounds my melanin screams I am who I am,  I need my melanin its my sense of confidence and power,
Funny thing about a certain hot button issue, is people only listen when it comes time to miss you. When they can no longer dismiss you; the latter is a hero. Exploiting their favoritism to avoid the fear of
We go to school for about twelve years, but we have issues on the way to success. As we get older, the environment becomes more dangerous. The police become sinister and begin to destroy how God made us.
I love nice things, but that doesn't mean I steal. I dislike some people, but it doesn't mean I kill. I live at home, but that doesn't mean I don't pay a bill. I like to relax, but it doesn't mean all I do is chill.
Dark girl, be proud of your physique and skin. You'd think the boys only want you because of your appearance. They don't want to know what's within. You say that you want a man
Dear little black girl, wipe your tears Don't let this corrupt world see your  fears.  Show them your pretty white smile  Show them you're important and not just another child. 
Melanin   Sounds like a product someone is selling I constantly hear peopling posting it, saying it, yelling. It is my skin, The one I was born in I have always had it but now it being the norm thing
I, a nonconformist with melanin, that's a death wish! Well give me liberty or give me death push me out the nest and wish me the best!
A black guy once told me that I'm "not his type" "Nah," he said. "I don't fuck with them black girl types".  He  said he likes them Spanish types, them mixed chick types, them white girl types, them "exotic" types. 
I want someone. Someone whose thoughts will collide with mine. Someone whose thoughts shall make love with mine. Someone whose on the same wavelength as me. Someone who can fuck with me.
I'm surround by close minded individuals + heartless souls.  No one really vibes with me. No one really fucks with me.  No one can understand the gold + wisdom that comes from my tongue.  Day in and day out. 
She was quiet.  But she wasn't shy. She had an attitude of a lioness. The mindset of Angela Davis.  And a spirit that God would soon bless. She was gracious on a daily basis.  
He had looks that could kill. Eyes that could melt your soul. A stare that locked you in. And lips that only he himself, could possess. He was like no other. He wasn't just another brotha.
we the people of t
O darling divine My melanin goddess With skin of honey and chocolate
Dear ears that are listening, and eyes that read me wrong.   No I am NOT the black girl "video vixen" that throws it back to the beat of every song.  
Phenomenal Woman can't you see? Phenomenal woman is not me...   My hips don't sway, and my hair is short. But I am a lady of some sort.   My mind is jailed while my heart roams free like the sun.
Racism A problem that surfaced since the beginning of time,
What a bunch of spoiled bratsI look
What is the connection When around the melanin Feels electric communication   i feel his pain though he does not speak i feel her envy though she smiles sweet  
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