To the racist woman in the grocery store

Wed, 01/10/2018 - 15:14 -- luhxi

 I am strong & African American.I want you to accept me for me just because I have more melanin soaked so heavily in my skin that doesn’t define my intelligence.I wonder, why are we here? Why am I so black? I hear the sounds of people yelling “You’re worthless, You’ll never be anything!” AND “You’re way to ghetto!”I see the pain in your eyes when those harsh words are spoken, and you wonder “Is all this worth it?”I pretend not to care when my African roots are insulted.I feel the pain when racism is shot at me like bullets from a gun.I touch my skin wondering, why am I so dark? Why is my hair so curly? Why was I even born this way?I worry that one day my children might have to deal with this cruel, harsh world of discrimination and segregation.I cry to myself as another day goes by as yet another person life has been taken just to become another hashtag on social media.I understand that I am a Black Queen, and you don’t like me because of the shade of my skin or the shape of my body.I say we can be equal, but the harsh ways of racism have already driven a knife so deep that you can’t even begin to pull it out.I dream that one day we can make a change in the world, so my people won’t be arrested or killed based upon appearances, or racial slurs won’t be shouted at us as we walk the streets.I try to hold back the tears, but it’s like African Americans have a toothache that only the whites of this world can pull.I try to understand why you hate me so much but will pay top dollar for those assets I was already born with.#BLACKLivesMatter, not #ONLYBlackLivesMatter, We’ve been silent for too long. Now it’s the time to step up and make a difference. Never give up this fight it’s far from over. 

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