Not His Type

Wed, 10/07/2015 - 21:03 -- kvmrv.g

A black guy once told me that I'm "not his type"

"Nah," he said. "I don't fuck with them black girl types". 

He  said he likes them Spanish types, them mixed chick types, them white girl types, them "exotic" types. 

Them tight curl types. 

You know-- them girls of lighter skin types?

Them "no weave" types?

Them ass shot types? 

Them thin lip types?

Them go to the tanning salon to get their skin darker types?

Them go to the surgeon to get their lips fuller types? 


Not the black types.

He don't like them full lip types.

Them gracious hips types.

Them natural hair types.

Them 4C hair types. 

Them dark skin types.

Them brown skin types.

Them caramel skin types. 

Them down for you, ride or die Harriet Tubman types. 

Them protesting for your right to live, types. 

Them "my black is beautiful" types. 

Them revolutionary types.

You know, them Angela Davis types?

Them Lauryn Hill types?

Them Solange types? 

Them Erykah Badu types?

Nah, that ain't his type.

He likes them Kim K types.

Them Angelina Jolie types. 

Them Iggy Azalea types.

Them Kylie Jenner types.

The black woman? Nah, that ain't the black mans muthafuckin type. 




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