Phenomenal Woman

Phenomenal Woman can't you see?

Phenomenal woman is not me...


My hips don't sway, and my hair is short.

But I am a lady of some sort.


My mind is jailed while my heart roams free like the sun.

What phenomenal woman can I be when my lifes just begun?

Restricted by society,

not knowing which me is me.

My flesh blinds what's for the eye to see.


Phenomenal woman is not me. 

I'm not smart, not a thought in my head belongs to me.

Kiara who? There's nothing here to see.

Not grace nor beauty, nor confidence has touched thine lips.

Nor pride, or happiness bounce off my lids.


Phenomenal woman go seek elsewhere.

This phenomenal woman been died, and no one seem to care.


Phenomenal Woman....

This poem is about: 
My country
Our world


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