Dear Little Black Girl

Dear little black girl, wipe your tears

Don't let this corrupt world see your  fears. 

Show them your pretty white smile 

Show them you're important and not just another child. 

Embrace your big round nose and coco filled skin 

Show them you're beautiful not only on the outside but also with in. 

Study your roots and know you're a goddess 

Be a reminder that all black girls are flawless. 


Dear little black girl, you don't need thin lips or straight blonde hair 

You are perfect just the way you are.

let them stare 

let them look and beware of how dazzling, how fair, how no one else can compare.

Your wonder is that of a swan 

Every man should worship, should praise the ground you walk upon. 


Dear little black girl,

the world and it's cares are nothing compared to your glorious complexion. your perfection deserves all mans affection


Dear little black girl,

let them swoon

You're the reason the sun and moon make love 

You are precious; as delicate as a dove 

Your magnificence can only be dreamed of 



You being black is a battle already won

You've been blessed by receiving extra love from the Melanin addicted Sun

This poem is about: 
My community


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