Mansa Musa, Shaka Zulu, Nefertiti, Akhenaten--

Something is similar about all of these names

No doubt, there are complexities that make these names uncommon

However, the common fact is that they played no games.


I only named a few, but there are so many other names

On the list of great and might kings and queens.

But we've been tricked! We run in circles playing their games.

We've lost sight of what our African heritage means!


We must stand up and start acting like kings and queens!

We must be at peace with the beautiful struggle in our skin!

We must remember what our legacy and inheritance means!

We must embrace the culture that lies within our melanin!


Noir to Desert Sand-- It's not about the shade of your skin.

Whether Dark like Shaka or Light like Nefertiti or Brown like Akhenaten,

So long as we recognize and unlock the power we hold in our melanin,

They will remain the same. WE are uncommon.

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Our world
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