Melanin Rant

Just because there is melanin in the skin

Dosnt mean that there is a criminal living within

Belittled on tv and we don't even see it

but growing up the kid with the most melanin  on tv was the most athletic

thats it

Not the one holding books or the one that is top of the class

but it is always the one with a football or basketball in hand

We wonder why kids with  melanin dont try to aspire to be more

it because all they see on tv is the black kid playing sports


Thats not the end 

politicians get mad because we are offended by the injustice that we're given


The hatred we bear isnt at al fair

We are put to blame and are not treated the same 

For something we cant controll just like the rain

I cant stop or being wrongly stopped by a cop

For just being me , driving in the street




This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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