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Remembering times you were fearless When days didn’t drag on and on When life was lived young and reckless When nights didn’t fear for the dawn   When your eyes gleamed with excitement
thumbs   running circles around each other   take a break from pulling heartstrings.   i graze your veins   feeling every jolt of electricity pulsing through them.  
Scarlet flames of fire dance across my fingers. The light cannot harm me,  for I am its master.   Fire bends to my will,  and dies at my command. The dark can't consume me,
I stay up at night why am I always in fright I try my best to succed. but it never goes right. I lost someone dearest I never stay fearless I live in a game, taking the blame
  Lost to an act so long ago, a kid already but I didn’t know what it was you that you did and yet although I was so naïve I could tell how wrong it was to not go
Soggy boots stomp on crumbled lands No tears are wept for their bloody hands Legs of lead and Hearts of steel
The bottom of the ocean. Not viewable to anyone. 95 percent unknown. Yet, many people do not fear it. I am not one of those people. Yet, my senior project was to swim one mile.
I am scared But I will push through I fall As they say I can't possible go far I am scared But I will fight through I am battered, torn and bruised They laugh as I crawl
  Fearless or frozen, how do I chose? If I’m stuck in my tracks, then I will lose. Fight or flight, what’s the best option?
Soaring high without a plan, no navigational skills So , I can't land I ain't built for this like Superman Made of steel but fragile as glass Questioning everything but knowing Nothing
four years four years of pain, confusion, and fear four years four years of anger, sorrow, and tears four years you abused me four years you used me four years you destroyed me
My love for you is so strong that I will split my last slice of bread with you, even if I have not ate in days I love you to the point where my fears are a little less scary and the days are a bit easier to get by
Trudge through the mud and the rain. No rest for the weary No rest from the pain Lights and the shadows play tricks on my brain And my heart is strained against a Thick rusted chain.
Dancing in the gym. Dancing in the gym. I dance in the rain, in the yard, in the house, while walking down or up the street. I dance alone I dance with people but mostly alone. I dance I dance
We ask ourselves, why do we still continue?Why do we still rage this pointless fight?Where is the freedom and love and happiness in this microscopic light?The answer was never in the books we read, the words of our neighbors, but in the hearts and
  After Beyonce's ***Flawless
I am fearless. I am fierce. I am fiesty. I am strong, sweet and divine. Like a fresh bottle of wine.  
Come, Sit down and view my world Let me take you in   They say my name As if it is I that should be ashamed. And yet, I win another battle  
“New Year, New ME” The cliché quote that’s never true. Yet the reason for the start of MY change.   MY outspokenness is to helps others, Not hinder them, so back off.
Why So Much Hate?   Why so much hate? With the shoes he wear The pants he loves The shirt he adore for  
Why So Much Hate?   Why so much hate? With the shoes he wear The pants he loves The shirt he adore for  
I am not afraid Hunger pains kill the brainwaves of a skilled soul who lives life like a troll. Underground hunger bound no sound quiet Silence is the killer thriller mmmmm Jackson
He fights through night and day.
   My heaven awaits for me in the infinite skies.  There I can soar where ever, there I can jump from cloud to cloud, and there I can free fall without worries of ever touching the ground.  That is my imaginable heaven.
When the world goes dry and the day grows coldyou can't turn to someone to open up your soulLike its when you crythe time flies by
Let's take off our shoes and run through the grass,
i am a diamond that will not be shaped to please others.
Let your words be unchained, your thoughts unhindered. Release the power you hold within. Let every thought filling every corner of your mind out, like butterflies released into the spring air. Speak freely.
Only one wish, one wish only? I guess I would have the wish that would stretch through the categories The only thing I could think of is the high level of fear these days
As I stood there silently waiting, I already began to feel their eyes on me, As if a blinking light sat upon my head, Blinking, flashing, blaring.   With every glance and every whisper,
Ode to the Fearless The people who trample fear on the ground.   Ode to the Warriors Whose fights never end Their swords stained
The ship sat anchored to the shore The captain, skipper, and crew working at her core Sails being raised and decks being scrubbed
Everyday I sit quietly Wishing to say Everything I've ever wanted But I can't seem to cave Yet with friends I'm so different Its crazy to see  How quiet and shy a person I can be
Fearless leader to literally mean without fear but what does it mean  to face your worst fears?  To expierience the unknown, to make the decisions no one else can make To do the unexpected
Fearless leader to literally mean without fear but what does it mean  to face your worst fears?  To expierience the unknown, to make the decisions no one else can make To do the unexpected
Do not let them cage you. You are strong and smart and beautiful. Cages are for animals. You are not an animal. Do not let them put you in a box. You are loving and brave
These walls are clutteredwith the scribblingsof clumsy hands.Small fingers clench markerstoo big to hold tight enoughto articulate dreamstoo great to let go of.Us “grown ups” know nothing
I sat upon a hill and looked out at the wide expanse before me, Rich green grass covered the earth beneath me, and an honest Blue sky stretched out endlessly People walked, and ran, and laughed, and spoke, and sang
Do you know how it feels to be not scared? I do I know what it's like to so sure Of something it hurts So be not scared with me Let's be fearless together
You fear what you don't understand. But then you learn the language and discover what you've missed. Like a child looking at a legendary work of literature or art. It is impossible to appreciate if you can not comprehend.
What's done is done. But, as sure as sunrise and set, my day will come. As certain as the changing colors of autumn. As definite as the pumping and pulsing of that muscle in your chest. But don't count on the latter,
It is times like this when men we see, Our fragile broken destinies. When through false strength and proud façade, Appears the pea beneath the pod. It’s times like these as men we know,
Just as natural as a tree growing tall, A life begins with its very first breath. Before it may walk, the newborn must crawl. But eventually runs into its death. Even though death ends a life down on Earth,
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