I am fearless.

I am fierce.

I am fiesty.

I am strong, sweet and divine.

Like a fresh bottle of wine.


Small curves in my body do not represent a ballerina body.

Using every inch of the thickness in my thighs, C cup breasts.

And love handles on my sides...

I am an African American/Latino girl.

I dance using the grace of my body to bless the stage.

Receiving some hate along the way.

But, leaving with the biggest applause every time.

Feeling so fine.

Beautiful is what my body is.

God says there’s nothing wrong with it.


My voice is sweet, yet big and bold.

Something that needs to be on a record I was told.

Sounds so angelic, but can get fiesty and loud like a choir member in church.

Praising God through song until my vocal chords hurt.


Now you know what I love to do.

I was put on this earth to entertain you.

My dancing, my voice, and my style will amaze people around the world.

I am a fearless and flawless girl :-* 


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