The Fearless Tree


Fearless or frozen, how do I chose?

If I’m stuck in my tracks, then I will lose.

Fight or flight, what’s the best option?

I can’t lose, so let the world be cautioned!

I must fight and I will blossom!


Public speaking is a fear for the masses,

But I am a church teacher, so I must teach multiple classes.

My students are scary, and the middle schoolers talk like bumbling bees,

My first day was difficult and made me feel like I ate rotten cheese.

My self doubt, fear, and lack of confidence were as tall as a mountain,

I was scared to come back, but I kept sprouting.

My first failure led to my first victory,

I decided to make the class more interesting by introducing some trickery.


Crafts, projects, and group discussions helped my students stay engaged,

A little creativity and classroom innovation displayed that my fears were engraved.

False fears and stuttering lips evaporated like smoke over a campfire.

If only my former self could see me now,

I became confident and outgoing somehow.


Becoming a teacher taught me to sprout into a tree of confidence, joy, and innovation.

I learned that it is up to me to plant seeds in the lives of the next generation.

I learned that teaching will be my career because it is my passion,

I will inspire other people to become trees that are taller than they could’ve imagined.


This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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