March On

Tue, 03/19/2019 - 12:18 -- zziego

Soggy boots stomp on crumbled lands

No tears are wept for their bloody hands

Legs of lead

and Hearts of steel

but in their Heads

it’s Fear they feel


Rugged tank tracks rumble,

with the sound of thunder

While the corpses tumble,

into lands down under

High up above the Bombers soar,

dropping death that quakes the craggy floor


In those trenches, they think of their lives

Of children, family, friends, and wives

They yearn for home and to reunite

But their first priority

is to Fight


For a better tomorrow

comes at the price of today

And if bravery trumps fear

it paves the way


So despite it all, they’re struggling still,

Fighting on with endless will,

Marching over barren hills,

Marching on until they’re killed.


And if they can be so persevering and brave

Then I should follow and fight my fears

And if they can fearlessly walk into their graves

Then I should stop crying and dry my tears

And if they’re not drowning in pain and sorrow

Then I’ll learn to float and then i’ll say:

That if they’re fighting for a better tomorrow

Then we should continue marching onward Today

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Our world
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