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  Nights are where my mind uses my saved stress to play out a story of rumination. It does this for me when I find the peace that can’t obtain the goods that I assumed were lies.
Thanks for being with me when no one else did, thanks for giving comfort when no one else did, thanks for being my pillow that I could cry on at nights.
Nervous pangs and tattering thoughts The impending terror of my dreams lay before me. Psychology tells physiology to shut its mouth but biology gives in: Close my eyes and count to three  
Vaguely I remember  Those cold dark nights When I was in your arms   You, heating me up With your warm love   Whenever you left my skin I'd start to freeze up again
The turn, the spin, the rotation of the continents, latitude, degrees, and dizzyness. Dizzyness. Then it stops by your finger, but your finger is landed upon an
Summer Nights, In a crescent of song. Moonlit beams, graciously falling from faraway stars Palm to palm, in a continuous hold When the dawn comes, we’ll wake again 
Naked trees
Breath in that light summer breeze.
I have a thing for the moon. I'm scared to go to sleep.  I think I'm scared.  I have to be scared. That's the only explanation I'm scared to sleep 
The Kansas sun slowly burns out, melting into the plains like a cigarette butt fades int
a cool breeze brushes across my face  the smell of grass and dirt fill the atmosphere, the crickets they chirp so loud, breaking through the silence of night the glow of fireflies dace around the field ,
It’s one of those nights when all the memories take physical form.  When monsters swallow kindness to retch sadness and nostalgia. 
The warm sun on my skin,
Night skies, stars shinning bright, hot summer.  cigaret in one hand, beer in the other.  Cherrishing every moment of it.  Hotter and hotter, the sun brighter making the ocean bright blue. 
If he walks by and sees youBe carefulYou're like rare pork lined and soaked in fresh bloodAnd just by the way he walks and talksYou'll undeniably fall for his perfect charm
Why do women fall in love with men who are completely wrong for them? Is it a hidden sense kindled from our genetic nurturing trait that we think we can baby bad boys into good men?
One call in the fall. A text in the winter. You say you're at home but I see you out with her. Must pain you a lot that we broke up. Because 2 days later you two hook up. One smile in the spring.
The smell of honey suckle  Overwhelming the night air Damp and sweet The familiar smell soothes me I can hear the distant laughter  Children I suspect; innocent  But playing long after bedtime
Friends run around the blazing heat Capturing the sand under our feet Screaming like we've lost it all We'll party till the wheels fall Seeing stars in our eyes Not a care is given about how fast time flies
Deleted talent you should not have wentIn my heart that beats there are a few dentsThe dark will be there forever moreAnd my pillow will forever be the cureEyes are heavy and the body is weak
Our situation is an oddity, But honestly, it's got to be. He promised me To the Nth degree He fell for me.   And I ran with that. Matter-o-fact I take it back I captured that
These scars here are r e a l. Seems as though I -  Love -  You ,                      does'nt quite appeal. But this is how I f e e l. Like I could capture the whole world-right before your eyes.
"I pledge allegiance to the magazines of the United States of America,  and to the "Skinniness" for which it stands, one model, under Media, dependant, with biasness and happiness for some."
The summer made us children again. Afternoons at the beach gave us seafoam dreams to run barefoot after through the streets. You pressed seashells into my palm while I dripped wet sand castles down your legs.
Those sweet silent nights Filled with worries and thoughts. Heart beating fast Stomach with knots. Throughout the night My heart tosses and turns Reliving the old memories Which it never learned.
Just another quiet night A song left on repeat Singing softly to myself Happily and completely off beat.
It's 3am and you're feeling cold Why not a bath? Yes, but it won't last forever. Well... At least it will for a moment.
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