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It's 3am and you're feeling cold
Why not a bath?
Yes, but it won't last forever.
Well... At least it will for a moment.

So you fill up the tub, and drop your clothes to the floor.
You dim the lights, and release your hair.
With the water level and your skin's goosebumps rising,
You enter the silent world, bit by bit.

You lie there, every bit of you encompassed by the warmth,
Except your head,
Except your thoughts,
Except your mind.

You knew it wouldn't last forever,
And you knew it wouldn't even last a moment.
You're still cold, you're still sore,
You remain everything you were before.

Wondering how to make it feel right,
The water starts to chill.
You want to leave, knowing that nothing was done.
But the comfort of silence,
Of embrace,
Of the environment -
Makes you stay.

You wait until the last shiver has run through your body.
Let the water go, as it had to you.
Grab a towel, and say goodbye.
But not for long, for you'll be back again,
Wanting the comfort, wanting a fix -
For the estranged and frigid moments,
Sent from the middle of the night.


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